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The Symbiotic Nature of Isolation Tom Snelgrove

Perpetual Heliolatry



The Symbiotic Nature of Isolation exhibited from September 5 to October 6, 2012 in the HERE gallery. 

About the show

Tom Snelgrove’s work focuses on the relationships we have with each other and our world. He explores how closely each creature and object is tied to the next and the fact that this interconnectivity is so unrestrained and natural that most of us are not even aware of how one thing can affect the other.

In his videos, he communicates this idea through various situations with the veil lifted. Each piece illustrates a variety of these connections by exploring particular historical references, myths and commonalities often overlooked.

In Perpetual Heliolatry, Snelgrove explores historical and contemporary solar belief systems surrounding our affinity with the sun. Long-standing religious, mythical and scientific beliefs have spanned civilizations, and through this nonlinear narrative, we see how our converging lines unfold around one star.

Festoonum is a 6 ½ minute study on various legends attempting to explain the existence of the tropical plant, Tillandsia usneoides, commonly referred to as Spanish Moss. Seen mainly throughout the Southeastern United States and Tropical America, Festoonum focuses on a shared curiosity pervasive throughout these distinct cultures that have lived alongside this plant.

Vinculum takes a once idyllic moment of nature and examines how the intricate layers of modern society can often mutate such beauty into a set of less recognizable circumstances. Using unexpected pops of color to create a feeling of plasticity and artificiality, the viewer is left feeling isolated in this new world landscape. 


Created by Tom Snelgrove