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How to Break Aaron Jafferis + The Mixing Texts Collective


How to Break is made possible by ArtWorks for Young People, an initiative of NYSCA's Presenting Program, and the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, with additional support provided by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Mixing Texts Convening.

How to Break played from Oct 18 to Nov 4, 2012 in the Dorothy B. Williams Theatre.

About the show

In their first co-producing endeavor, HERE and the Hip-Hop Theater Festival present the world premiere of How to Break, a collaboration between playwright Aaron Jafferis, reknowned breakers Kwikstep and Rokafella, beatboxers Adam Matta and Yako 440, composer Rebecca Hart, and director Christopher Edwards. Recipient of the 2012 Thomas Barbour Playwright’s Award, How to Break sneaks into a hospital room with a fake ID, a potty mouth, and a bad case of heartsick. A pediatric hematologist, a folk singer, and a nurse with a beatboxing problem try not to screw up two hospitalized teenagers – a b-boy with sickle cell and a popper with leukemia – as they break through their diagnoses in search of a gut understanding of what it means to be “ill”.

A HERE and Hip-Hop Theater Festival production in association with Collective Consciousness Theater.


Book and Lyrics by Aaron Jafferis

Beatbox score composed by Adam Matta
                                                & Yako 440

Songs composed by Rebecca Hart

Additional lyrics by Rebecca Hart

Choreography and Hip-Hop Dramaturgy by Kwikstep and Rokafella

Directed by Christopher Edwards