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Diva Sofie Krog Teater of Denmark

Diva played from February 27th to March 1st, 2009 in the Dorothy B. Williams Theater.

About the show

A highly tensioned drama in a unique and mysterious world
Sofie Krog Teater of Denmark

Behind the heavy curtains in an old theatre, the fabulous Diva prepares for this evening's performance. Every night, when the curtain opens, her audience is enchanted by her beautiful, wistful song. Meanwhile, the insane Professor conducts devious experiments in a secret laboratory hidden below the theatre. On this evening, an unprecedented turn of events wreaks havoc on the Diva's performance, the fates of the characters become intertwined, and madness takes over. The performance takes place on tiny rotating animated set—equipped with miniature light systems, music, sound effects and cartoon comics.