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Color Games Marine Cornuet

About the show

This exhibition features three artists who manipulate color and create exuberant work that stands at the intersection of dreams, memory, and diversion.

David Gladden’s photographs of prism light on mylar feature a myriad of colors and miniature relief that stimulate our imagination and recall the snapshots of distant planets taken from envoys floating into space. The intricate and bright woven patterns of Heather Macali’s large-scale installation evoke the vibrant, positive palette of the 1980’s while exploring a more sensual and material aspect of color. Marcela Flórido’s painting also creates an impression of sensuality and playfulness through a performative representation of the female body bathed in warm hues and high contrast.

Color Games plays with our perception of light, contrast and tones, and offers the possibility of a luminous respite. 


Artists/Curators: Marcela Flórido, David Gladden, Heather Macali

Curated by Marine Cornuet

Image Credit: David Gladden, Lakshmi Planum.