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Bureaucratics Jan Banning

Bolivia bureau India bureau Liberia bureau Yemen bureau


Bureaucratics exhibited from January 5 to February 26, 2011 in the HERE gallery. 

About the show

Citizens who visit an official in the office inevitably encounter a desk, the symbol of resolute laws and regulations, which stands between state official and citizen. The project Bureaucratics hones in on the typically anonymous civil servant as a small cog in the gigantic machinery of the state. The idea is rooted in routine irritations and experiences with the government’s executive power. But it is also about a fascination with the unfazed manner in which tens of millions of officials worldwide keep the wheels of government spinning. I want to show this theater of bureaucracy in a way that the average citizen throughout the world experiences the official encounter; in search of a permit, to pay taxes, to file a report with the police…to conduct any business with the state.

- Jan Banning 


Photographs by Jan Banning

Curated by James Wellford