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GLORY DAYS Nikita Vishnevskiy

GLORY DAYS exhibited from Nov 2 - Dec 17, 2011 in the HERE gallery.

About the show

Vishnevskiy wallows in vintage and archaic symbology in an attempt to fossilize the passing moment.

“Glory Days” is the title of the 1984 track by Bruce Springsteen and the 1998 release by the British band Pulp. The lyrics of both songs speak of the nostalgia involved in recognizing passing moments as wasted, yet celebrate our ability to reflect and find meaning in the mundanity of past situations. Despite the familiarity of the pastiche signs, a variation in viewpoints allows for each person to have a unique experience of the same event. Desire to remember is complicated by the inaccuracy of perception as we cling to artifacts of memory with a sacred predisposition. GLORY DAYS is a sculpture and video installation that depicts my attempts to brace moments of existence through reenactments of ancient rituals and representations of vintage Western symbology.


Curated by Nikita Vishnevskiy