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Temporary Arrangements Allison Kaufman

Allison Kaufman, Video Still from 'Trust Falls', 2011 Allison Kaufman, Relics Series 10, Series 9, 2011 Allison Kaufman, Relics Series 2, Series 7, Series I, 2011

Temporary Arrangements exhibited from Jul 18 - Aug 25, 2012 in the HERE Gallery.

About the show

In her videos and photographs, Allison Kaufman creates temporary relationships with strangers, revealing the vulnerability, loneliness, aspirations, and disappointments of both her subjects and herself. Investigating these emotions in public and private spheres, her work highlights the gender roles we assume while playing on the performance and gaze inherent in all photography/video. In Dancing with Divorced Men, the artist records herself dancing with middle-aged, divorced men in their homes, allowing them to function as surrogates for her father. In Trust Falls, she collaborates with divorced men to stage intimate activities that require a sense of trust or caretaking. In Friday Nights at Guitar Center she explores the predominately male customers of the musical instrument store via their impromptu in-store performances.


Created by Allison Kaufman

Photo: Allison Kaufman, Video Still from 'Trust Falls', 2011