• Thoughts on a talkback for Stairway to Stardom

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    Julia Levine

    Image by Maria Baranova

    Image by Maria Baranova

    From our Resident Dramaturg Pete McCabe, following the September 13th performance of Stairway to Stardom:

    The theater artist Tadashi Suzuki asserts that while audiences do perceive theater through their eyes and ears, their primary experience of it is through their sense of touch. Nowhere is this more evident than in dance. Dance enthusiasts are virtually uniform in their emotional connection to the experience. Paradoxically, the creation of dance involves a rigorous intellectual framework that is often silent and invisible during the performance. To hear it from Choreographers Deborah Lohse, Annie B. Parson, and Amanda Szeglowski, who also use words with an equal rigor as their choreography in their artwork, they use techniques like breaking the experience into five sections, each one its own individual section and part of a larger arc; using a framework that allows for seeming tangential details, but all eventually connect to that through line. Not for nothing, these are among the very techniques that Aristotle outlines as to what makes a good play, leaving me to wonder: what is the difference between a play and a dance?


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