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IDEN-defy Overground Physical Theater

About the show

IDEN-defy is a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary (dance theatre, video) work that deals with issues of identity (personal, racial, gender, socio-economic) in a society bombarded by labels and oversaturated with gadgetry. How do we carve time for self-inquiry and find our focus when we are constantly distracted by things to do, things to buy, things to be?...We constantly identify with roles, icons, images… But what if dare to “iden-Defy” and strip to our naked self?

IDEN-defy brings together 5 artists from 5 different countries (Italy, Japan, Holland, Bulgaria and France) to interpret the polarized identity construct that casts a veil of duality over who we are. The story reveals the inner struggle of two women, seemingly strangers, sucked into the virtual screen of Facebook, seeking to find their identity. Sworn cyberholics they try to identify with everything available out there. Adhering to the imposed status quo and minding the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” they chase the illusion of failure and success.

A shamanic reset shakes them out of their bones as they initiate a Me-Search on Google. Me, myself and I… They dive into the intricate web of multiple identities to find that they are one person, split into a multiplicity of selves. Stretching beyond rules, regulations, laws and limitations they defy their identity, the way they defy gravity. Only to find: “That I am you, and what I see is me”…

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Written and directed by: Antonia Ka & Valentina Priolo
Narrated by: Anthony Giorgio-Schmidt & Antonia Ka
Choreographed by: Valentina Priolo & Antonia Ka
Video by: Ana Atanassova & Kalin Ivanov
Costumes by: Valentina Priolo & Ana Atanassova
Performed by: Valentina Priolo, Motoko Tadano, Richard Scandola, Daan Bootsma

Photo Credit: Kalin Ivanov



Oct 26-28

Fri-Sat @ 8:30pm
Sun @ 4pm

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