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  • Greencard Wedding

    November 29 —
    December 20

    Brooklyn 2012, where you can be whatever you want…until your visa expires.

  • AMP

    December 5 —
    December 19

    An electrical current; A Modern Prometheus; an investigation of gender, Galvani, Mary Shelley, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

  • You Can't Kiss a Movie

    December 15 —
    December 17

    A theatre/film hybrid confronting the male gaze, with opportunities for audiences to get behind the camera and control how we look at each other.

  • America is Hard to See

    January 30 —
    February 24

    Using a blend of interviews, archival research, religious hymns, and original music, this daring new play investigates the lives in and around Miracle Village, a rural community for sex offenders, buried deep in Florida’s sugarcane fields.